M. Wajnberg polish songs for bass and piano recorded!

At POLIN Museum Warsaw with Mischa Kozłowski, during our Wajnberg recording, credits: Sebastian Kazubski

I’d like to proudly announce that we have finally recorded all the polish songs for bass and piano written by Mieczysław Wajnberg!

This first ever recording was made at POLIN Museum in Warsaw where we perfomed “Mieczysław Wajnberg. Epitaph” in February 2019.

I was surrounded by fantastic artists – Mischa Kozłowski playing on fabulous Steinway piano and Michał Szostakowski – great and very patient sound engineer. Last but certainly not least, our great supporter Kajetan Prochyra was also there for us, as he’s been all the time since we’ve first met in 2018.

Although we’ve already managed so much, I still have a feeling it’s just the beginning, so stay tuned, as the recording will soon be presented to the world!

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