Arvo Pärt Passio(s) in march 2018

In March 2018 I’m about to sing Jesus (!!!) in 3 performances of Arvo Pärt „Passio”. The first one is already a history (3.03.18 in Warsaw – details). Two more to go – in Göttingen and Hannover (details). I cannot find words to describe how much does it mean to me to sing such a piece and, above all, to debut in the part of Jesus at the age of 33…

Polish Winterreise

It’s been already 2 years ago. In a town somewhere in the northeast of Poland two musicians and friends decided to perform this extraordinary piece. Extraordinary not only because F. Schubert’s „Winterreise” is a worldwide performed and acclaimed masterpiece itself, but mainly due to another fact. The fact that another artist, Stanisław Barańczak, 167 years afterwards, published his own, independent poems with the intention of performing them together with the Schubert’s music.

If it doesn’t seem anyhow special to you, name me some poets that made something similar. And made it not only in a „performable” way, but literally gave the chance that the „old” music lives a new life. Or name at least one..

Therefore, I would like to remind you and myself of this, unfortunately the only performance of Polish Winterreise of mine and my sincere friend Katarzyna Neugebauer. It was a great honour and joy to perform it. I hope that we repeat it soon.

Below some highlights of this amazing evening on the 8th of November 2015:

Time is on my side.

For the first time since I’ve started singing profesionally, I’ve got some more time to spare. Well, not quite much, because I’ve already have couple of dates running towards my direction, still, it’s been more calm since I left Würzburg.

What I mainly do these days? Well, first of all I’ve got some time to improve my vocal skills and concentrate on details and those aspects that hadn’t been that perfect 😉

Moreover, working independently means also organising independently, which consumes some time, so I’m preparing myself and the world around for couple of artistic events I’ll participate in and co-produce during next months. I’ll try to inform you of the details as soon as projects oficially appear on the artistic calendars.

Please, be patient and do not dare to forget me, for I’ve got quite much to tell you. Even more than before 😀


For couple of years, together with my friends gathered under the aegis of foundation we have been organising concerts such as Haendel’s Messiah and Bach’s St. John’s and St. Matthew’s Passion to celebrate those specific periods of preparation: Advents and Lents.


Because we believe

1) that pieces of music serve not (only) as exhibits in the museum – they might inspire even better, if played in a certain moment of the year,

2) people not accustomed to listening to the classical music could be more encouraged to attend concerts not particularly played in big, prestigious concert halls,

3) an innovative way of funding a cultural event can activate the potential audience and in a long-term perspective can build tight relations between the artists and their audience.

4) introducing and maintaining certain regularity in organising such concerts can create a demand for more classical music in the public sphere – which is and should be one of most important aims for every classical artist aware of the decrease in this area.

We fight the best we can, this time by organising Bach’s St. John’s Passion in Warsaw, using only crowdfunding way of sponsorship. We have to collect the whole sum, only than we’ll be able to perform.

So do not hesitate to check out how are we doing on (it’s in polish but easily translatable).

If you’d like to help us, please contact me, I’d be glad to guide you!

What I mainly do in my spare time nowadays?

I guess, the photo above explains it clearly 🙂

Travelling is one of the actions one has to take on when being a singer. We all travel quite much, looking for new opportunities, taking on new chances, new risks. Sometimes you just do not know, where you land next week, month, season. The only healthy attitude is staying flexible and doing your best. Sometimes you’re planning the next months so exactly, that it is hardly possible to put a needle into those plans. And than, comes the phone call and says it’s all cancelled due to some better or worse reason. Or it’s 180 grades reversed: you receive an e-mail which persuades you to change thoroughly your plans for the next months. Than you might have to change not only your schedule, but also the place where you and your family live. Just off the cuff.

Being constantly prepared for off the cuff important life changes is kind of a skill. A „must have” for me.

Sounds shocking?

I am an opera singer, what’s your super power? 😉

February ’17 Marathon accomplished!

I would like to proudly announce that I’ve accomplished the February Marathon of performances at Mainfranken Theater Würzburg with today’s Entführung aus dem Serail. For 2 weeks I’ve sung 7 performances: 3 Nabuccos, 3 Entführungs, and 1 Hugenots. With those at the end of January and beginning of February I’ve sung 10 performances (2 Nabuccos and 1 Entführung more) in 30 days.

My next performance comes on the 12th of March. I haven’t had that long pause since October 2016. No worries, I’ve got much to do during that time, about which I’m going to write my next post, so keep fingers crossed!

P.S. The photo above was taken by Rudi, another lovely person I’ve met during my work at Mainfranken Theater. It was made about 30 minutes before the last Nabucco, on the 24th of February ’17. A moment on the stage just before the performance has become almost a ritual during that intensive time.

After Les Huguenots..

The last show took place on the 17th of February 2017 at Mainfranken Theater Würzburg.

That was a very succesful and, simply, great production which all of us enjoyed very much. I am really glad and truly happy, that I was able to take part in it, not-that-small part 😉

On the photo above one of lovely people I’ve met during the production, Jari Drazil – whose work of art was my face and the whole head. Don’t hesitate to visit his website to find out more about this great person and fine artist.

Farewell Hugenots…hope to see you again soon!

Lazy Sunday 30.10.16. Short update.

I haven’t had much time during the last weeks to write anything. Directly after we’d finished the production of „Les Huguenots” (next performance on Sat. 5.11.16, it’ll be #4), we’ve started Entführung aus dem Serail. The opening night of this one is on the 27.11.16.

Today I’m having a day off, not many of those have I had since September.

The more we work, the better we become (was it Paolo Coelho who said that? ;P ).

Have a great Sunday!

Debut as Meyerbeer’s Marcel (Les Huguenots) and @Mainfranken Theater Würzburg


see below for Polish/English

Heute ist es soweit! Ich debütiere als Marcel aus der Oper von G. Meyerbeer „Die Hugenotten”. Es ist auch mein Hausdebüt am Mainfranken Theater Würzburg. Ich bedanke mich an allem beteiligten für die gute Zusammenarbeit und wünsche TOI TOI TOI für heute alle Vorstellungen!

Mehr Info über Produktion: Hier
Mehr Fotos Hier



Dziś zadebiutuję w nowym miejscu i nowej roli. Jako Marcel z opery G. Meyerbeera pt. „Hugenoci” wystąpię po raz pierwszy na deskach Mainfranken Theater w Würzburgu. Bardzo dziękuję wszystkim zaangażowanym w tę produkcję, im, sobie i publiczności życzę wspaniałych przeżyć podczas dzisiejszej premiery i pozostałych spektakli „Hugenotów”.

Więcej informacji (po niemiecku) tutaj.
Więcej zdjęć tutaj.



Today is the day of my Role Debut as G. Meyerbeer’s Marcel from his Grand Opera „Les Huguenots” and my House Debut at Mainfranken Theater Würzburg. I’d like to thank all of the people involved in this production. I wish all of them, myself and our public great Opening Night today and even better following performances of „Les Huguenots”.

More info (in German) here.
More Photos here.